We broke the record for the longest ride on eFoil – 170 km in 8 hours!

Czech ‘waterman’ Petr Hozák broke last year’s record on the smallest vessel of today – eFoil. In eight hours he covered an incredible 170 kilometres in the Andaman Sea on an eFoil, 50 kilometres more than the previous record. He has been operating the board with electric drive, wireless control and a wing that allows the rider to literally fly over the water for several years and has been teaching people to ride it in Italy on Lago di Garda. Over the weekend, eFoil will be presenting at the For Boat and Holiday World trade fair at in Prague’s Letňany.

“Originally, my friends and I would just take a trip, I would go on the eFoil and we would always just change the battery, which we would charge on the escort boat. The plan was to drive to Krabi mainland, stop on Phi Phi island and return to Phuket island. With using an app on my smart phone, I was measuring my distance traveled the whole time. The total number of kilometres travelled reached 170 km. We broke the world record. We had six batteries with us in that we had to charge them on the way using a generator prepared on board the ship. Along the way I saw several flying fish, one sailfish and countless beautiful places. The weather was perfect, but we rode about a third of the way in strong headwinds,” specifies Petr Hozák. The record fell 4. March 2023.

Petr Hozák will also present EFoil at the weekend’s For Boat and Holiday World, where people can meet him. “Efoil is a board with electric drive, on which thanks to hydrodynamics you rise above the water surface and experience a truly extraordinary feeling that combines surfing and flying. What’s more, you’ll learn it in minutes. You just have to try it,” describes the experience of the world record holder.

Contact for more information:

Petr Hozák

Mobile: +420 602 763 749


We would like to invite you to the upcoming weekend For Boat trade fair, where you will have the opportunity to have a closer look at the LIFT eFoils products and get detailed information about its specifications and features.

We will be happy to share our experience with you and answer any questions you may have about eFoil and its use.

We look forward to your visit!

Petr and Jana